Wm. Walker & Sons

Wm. Walker & Sons, Leather Merchants, 55, East, Howard Street.

    This is a very enterprising and thriving firm, whose business was established in 1883 by Mr. William Walker and his two sons, Robert and William. The premises occupied comprise a very large and commodiously arranged warehouse with well-fitted workshops in connection. A very efficient staff is engaged.

    The firm are mostly engaged in the construction of heavy leather goods. Among the most noticeable features of the business may be mentioned the manufacture of belting for machinery, in which they have gained considerable renown for the superiority of their material and work. Another leading feature is the manufacture of hose-pipes, in which the firm are very extensively engaged. They also do a large business in rigging, service, bucket and pump leather, white and brown laces, sewing-machine bands, and a great variety of other goods of a similar description.

    A very large trade has been developed in all parts of the north of England and through Scotland, generally. The business is very ably conducted, and owes its success to the energy and ability displayed in the management.

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