H. Wallace & Co.

H. Wallace & Co., Lancefield Boiler Works, Havelock Street, Finnieston.

    The well-known house named above was founded under its present title in 1865, and is still controlled in person by its original sole principal, Mr. Hugh Wallace, a gentleman who has associated himself most closely and creditably with every forward movement in the industry of boiler-making as it is now exemplified in Glasgow. The firm are manufacturers of all kinds of marine, locomotive, and stationary boilers, and have a reputation for the excellence of their productions in these connections which has placed them among the foremost of Glaswegian houses in their line.

    The works in Havelock Street are very extensive, and occupy an area of ground measuring about 300 feet by 250 feet. This space is built round on all sides, the entire range of structures forming a hollow square, the open space in the centre being devoted to yard purposes in general. In this yard the most notable feature is a great jib crane, capable of lifting twenty tons. In the buildings are to be found all the usual items of plant and machinery incidental to a thoroughly well equipped boiler factory. The whole of this plant is of the newest and most improved description, and the entire outfit is supplied with steam power from five separate engines.

    At the time of our visit to the works the greatest industrial activity prevailed on all sides, and a large amount of important work was being vigorously carried on. Notable among the orders in hand were a number of powerful marine boilers measuring from 12 to 14 feet in diameter, and six of these, being nearly completed, manifested every mark and evidence of great strength and perfection in construction, and gave many indications of the care devoted by the firm to every detail and particular of manufacture and material. The same was also remarkable in the respect of two large land boilers, 28 feet long by 8 feet in diameter, which were then in process of completion.

    Messrs. Wallace & Co. employ in the works a large force of skilled and experienced men, who operate under the most careful and competent practical supervision ; and in the spacious and well-appointed offices facing Havelock Street is engaged an efficient clerical staff', busily occupied with the counting-house routine of a constantly growing and developing business. The firm control a most extensive and important trade, and maintain valuable and well-established connections in all parts of the country.

    Mr. Hugh Wallace, the able head of the house, is a prominent and well-known Glaswegian, having been for five years a member of the Town Council, and is at present a bailie, which office he has filled for the past two years.

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