R.C. Wallace & Co.

R.C. Wallace & Co., Engineers, Shipsmiths, and Patent Pump Manufacturers, Finnieston Quay, Queen’s Dock.—

    It is now more than thirty years since this concern was founded by Mr. R.C. Wallace, the present sole principal, who has always traded under the style “R.C. Wallace & Co”. The firm has obtained great notoriety for manufacturing ship pumps (for which they hold a patent), and also for the construction of windmills and pumps worked by wind power, which they have sent all over the world. In addition to the foregoing they are largely engaged in engineering and shipsmiths’ work. Their premises are very extensive, and are admirably situated for the trade carried on, being adjacent to the Queen’s Dock. They are well fitted up with all necessary plant and machinery, and from thirty to forty hands are kept in constant employment in the various branches of the business.

    Mr. Wallace being himself a thoroughly practical engineer, conducts the concern with ability and success. The commercial reputation of the firm is excellent, and one of their chief recommendations is the punctuality with which all orders are executed. The importance of this in respect to ships’ work more especially cannot well be over-estimated. Mr. Wallace is popular with his employees, and is deservedly respected in Glasgow and neighbourhood.

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