Wallace, Wilkie, & Co.

Wallace, Wilkie, & Co., West India Merchants, Produce Brokers, Commission Merchants, Shipping Agents, Ship Chandlers, and Merchants in Elastic Steam Packings, and Vulcanised India-rubber Goods of every description, 5, York Buildings, York Street.—

    This well-known house represents two distinct industries, which are carried on separately in the same premises, one under the title of Wallace, Wilkie & Co., and the other Wallace, Wilkie & Newton.

    The former business, viz. Wallace, Wilkie & Co., produce brokers, commission merchants, and shipping agents, was established by Mr. Wm. Wilkie, in Miller Street, in the year 1835. After this the business was carried on at Ingram Street for many years, and in 1885 the firm removed to their present commodious premises. In this important business the house receives large consignments of rum, sugar, lime-juice, logwood, coffee, ginger, pimento, &c., from the West Indies, the goods finding their way all over the home market. As shipping agents the firm forwards goods to Antigua, Jamaica, &c., from all parts of this country, and are agents for the Clyde line of steamers to Jamaica and other West India Islands. Messrs. James Wallace, David Wilkie, and Gerald J. Cooper, who are the partners in this business, are well known in town, the firm holding a position in the foremost ranks of this important trade.

    The other business carried on in the same premises under the title of Wallace, Wilkie & Newton, viz. that of steam and sailing ship, colliery and mill furnishers, making a speciality of all kinds of india-rubber and asbestos goods for mechanical purposes, and paint and oil merchants, was established when they entered their present premises in 1885. They are also sole agents in Scotland for the famous engine and cylinder oils of Messrs. John A. Bremner & Co., of Manchester and London. The patent “Domino” valves of Messrs. Wallace, Wilkie & Newton, are becoming more and more widely known, and the demand for them is constantly increasing. They are particularly well adapted for marine engines and circulating pumps. Some of these valves have been working in the largest steamers for more than two years, and our readers will see from this that the inconvenience and loss of time so often caused by the stoppage at sea of the engines of such vessels to renew valves which have given way, may be almost if not entirely avoided by the adoption of these. Although this business has been established but three years the house enjoys an extensive and influential connection, which is doubtless to be attributed to the high reputation that the older business has won during the fifty years of its career.

    Messrs. Wallace, Wilkie, and Cooper, are courteous gentlemen, and the position they hold has been gained by the honourable principles that have always been a characteristic in the management of the old business.

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