Christopher Wassell & Co.

Christopher Wassell & Co., Engineers, &c., 15 and 19, Carlton. Court, S.S.—

    Several specialities in engineering skill are represented by Messrs. Christopher Wassell & Co., formerly of Darlaston, near Birmingham. This firm commenced business in Glasgow in 1883, and have succeeded in forming a very considerable local connection. They construct every description of bakers’ and confectioners’ machinery ; they also fit up all kinds of hot water and steam heating apparatus, erect and repair all kinds of hand and power hoists, &c. Their chief specialities are the construction of gas-engines on the Middleton patent principle and repairing all other makes of gas engines, and are also makers of an automatic cork-counting machine and cork-sizing machines, and they overhaul and erect all kinds of printers’ machinery.

    Mr. C. Wassell, who is the sole partner, is well worthy of the success his industry and genius have attained.

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