David D. Waterston

David D. Waterston, Paper Stock Merchant, 26 to 28 Jackson Street.ó

    The business carried on as above is an extensive and important one of its kind in Glasgow, considering the firm has only been in existence a comparatively short space of time. It was founded in 1886 at 21, Jackson Street. The premises now occupied were opened in 1887. The proprietor has exceptionally spacious stores, and employs a considerable number of hands.

    There is, after all, very little in this world that is absolutely wasted, unless it is burnt. This is more especially the case in reference to such articles as rope, rags, waste paper, &c. All these are used in various manners, and particularly in the manufacture of paper. So much paper is made in the course of a year that it is a very important branch of trade that is connected with the supply of the various materials used in its construction. Mr. Waterston purchases all kinds of waste paper, ropes, rags, and waste, &c., from the principal warehouses, and supplies the leading paper-mills in all parts of the country. The proprietor represents the well-known house of Messrs. John Cree, junr. & Co., wholesale stationers, of Royal Exchange Square, and commands a very large trade in this connection among the leading houses in the district. To the proprietorís energy and ability the success achieved is principally due, and his business now ranks among the most thriving and prosperous in the trade.

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