Watson & Co.

Watson & Co., Bakers' Utensil Manufacturers, 31. and 33, Brunswick Street.—

    As manufacturers of bakers’ utensils and general shop outfitters, Messrs. Watson & Co. occupy a position of distinct prominence, having gained the silver medal and diploma at the Industrial Exhibition of Glasgow, 1886-7, for the ingenuity and excellence displayed in their manufactures. The firm (Mr. Wm. Watson, sole proprietor) has a very elaborate and tastefully got up catalogue and trade list, showing woodcuts of all the different items kept by it for the convenience of the baking trade, in wood and iron — peels and rods, sponge, and quarter tubs, seamless mixing basins, loaf-pans (various), jelly moulds, stabs, cake moulds, biscuit-making machinery, &c., and a plethora of other articles.

    Messrs. Watson & Co. have done much work in the inventing, improving, and perfecting the external features of the baking trade by their ingenuity and close adherence to business. They are established since 1872, first in Watt Street and subsequently at Brunswick Street — a fine large warehouse, well stocked with a great variety of material, and giving employment to thirteen workmen. Their workshops, where all their goods are manufactured, are at 47, Park Street, Plantation, and twelve workmen are constantly employed therein.

    The Messrs. Watson & Co. do a very large home trade, and export to the Colonies, West Indies, and the Cape. They have an establishment at 18, South Lindsay Street, Dundee. Their steadily growing trade gives evidence of their great experience and success.

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