J.B. Watson & Co.

J. B. Watson & Co., Hosiers, Glovers, &c., 115, Union Street and 51, Gordon Street.ó

    A representative establishment in the city of Glasgow is that owned and conducted by Messrs. J.B. Watson & Co. Founded in 1879, this house has acquired a reputation and standing that have long placed it in the van of the trade. The premises occupied consist of a spacious and elegantly equipped corner shop, stocked with a splendid assortment of fine shirts, underclothing, half-hose, handkerchiefs, neckwear, umbrellas, travelling rugs, and the general complement of the first-class outfitters.

    Messrs. Watson & Co. have long ago realised that there is no part of a gentlemanís wardrobe more important than a well-made and perfectly-fitting shirt, and in this speciality they have attained deserved pre-eminence. Liberality and promptness have always characterised the operations of this house, and the success which has attended it is but the just reward of a commercial policy, on which all permanent prosperity is based.

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