John Watson & Co.

John Watson & Co., Stationers, Lithographers, &c., 35, Gordon Street.

    The old-established house presided over by Mr. John Watson and trading at 35, Gordon Street as John Watson & Co., was founded upwards of thirty years ago by Thomas Dunn, and subsequently was conducted by James Cairns & Co., in 1875 Mr. John Watson assuming its sole control. He is one of the most popular members of the trade, and has developed the very highest of reputations for honourable methods, and for the skill and care bestowed by him upon the prompt and faithful execution of all orders. As regards perfected facilities, this house has no superior in the City of Glasgow.

    The house conducts a very extensive business, chiefly of a local character, as wholesale and retail stationers, lithographers, engravers, and account-book manufacturers, maintaining relations with the most desirable class of customers, such as manufacturing corporations, large mercantile and shipping houses, &c., &c. Mr. Watson handles a very heavy and choice stock of blank books and papers of all kinds, as regards style, size, and quality, and manufactures to order blotters, day books, journals, ledgers, and every class of choice stationery.

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