Thomas Watson

Thomas Watson, Paper Stock Merchant, 93 to 97, Clyde Street, 8, Warroch Street, 15, Anderston Quay, and 52, Washington Street.

    What becomes of all the old rags, woollens, and waste paper, tons of which must be destroyed every day ? The greater portion eventually find its way to such establishments as that presided over by Mr. Thomas Watson, who is widely known as a rag, paper stock, and metal merchant. The business was originally established in 1851 by Mr. Peter Dickson at the present premises. In 1879 Mr. Dickson was succeeded by the present proprietor, who has since carried on business under the above title.

    There can be no better proof of the great progress that has been made in developing a very large trade than the fact of the proprietor having now so many different stores. These are located at 8, Warroch Street ; 93 to 97, Clyde Street  ; 15, Anderston Quay, and 52, Washington Street. About fifty hands are employed. One of the most important features of the trade is that of dealing in ail classes of materials used in the manufacture of paper. They supply many of the leading manufacturers in all parts of the kingdom. The premises in Clyde Street are admirably adapted to their intended purpose. A powerful steam-engine is employed for press packing and working hoist. In addition to dealing in paper stock, the firm also deal largely in metal, and other articles. The business is ably conducted and occupies a leading position among those houses engaged in a similar trade.

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