Walter Watson

Walter Watson, Family Grocer, 94 and 98, New City Road.—

    This business was originally founded in 1867 by the present proprietor, and at that time was carried on in premises at Cambridge Street. Owing to the continued development and increase in the trade, it was found necessary to remove to more commodious premises, and the business was therefore transferred to the present address in 1874. Mr. Watson now occupies premises at the above address. Both of these establishments are of considerable size and are fitted in a very superior style, thus presenting a very attractive appearance.

    In the family grocery department the proprietor keeps a large stock of all the various descriptions of goods that are incidental to the trade. The proprietor has gained considerable renown for the excellent quality of his goods. In the bakery department of the business the success achieved has been considerable. Mr. Watson’s premises are admirably fitted and adapted for this branch of trade, and he employs an efficient staff of hands that have been selected from amongst the most experienced in the trade. The business is entirely confined to what is known as hand-baking, and the bread, &c., thus produced is unsurpassed for quality.

    Mr. Watson commands a very large and highly influential connection among the best classes, and the business has taken a leading position among similar houses in the trade. It is ably conducted, and has achieved a success that is as well-deserved as it is exceptional.

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