James Watt

James Watt, Lorry, Cart, and Van Builder, 149, Shields Road, and 329 Scotland Street.

    This business, established by its present proprietor, Mr. Watt, in 1866, as a van and lorry building concern, is very extensive, there sometimes being over thirty vans, lorries, and carts in for repair at one time, besides a regular and busy supply of new ones always in course of erection. The machine shop is constantly resonant with the busy buzz of circular and band saws, turning and emery machines, oval turning lathes, morticing machines, &c.

    Next to the machine shop is the smithy, where there are two hearths always aglow ; on a higher level again is the paint shop, which is a clean, comfortable department, warmed by steam pipes. There is a medium-sized boiler and engine, for driving and heating purposes, with the furnace attached for heating the wheel-tires. The store is also a very well-arranged place. The buildings, sheds, and large yard occupy about half an acre of ground, and there are regularly employed from thirty to forty skilled workmen.

     Altogether Mr. Watt has manipulated his experience and business ability to a very successful issue. His trade, though principally local, extends through shippers to the colonies, &c, and his thorough and efficient workmanship has gained for him a highly respectable and enduring reputation.

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