John Watt

John Watt, Manufacturing Jeweller, 15, Paisley Road West.

    This establishment is one of the best-known in the jewellery trade, and has been in existence a considerable number of years, during which time a large trade has been developed. It was established in the present premises in 1872 by Mr. Watt, who has gained considerable fame for his skill in all branches of work incidental to the trade of a manufacturing jeweller.

    The premises comprise a spacious and admirably arranged shop that is heavily stocked with a great variety of high-class and elegant goods, and jewellery work generally. In the rear there are well-fitted workshops, where an efficient staff is engaged in the manufacture of various goods appertaining to the trade. Among these a very prominent feature consists of making wedding, engagement, and keeper rings. In this branch of the trade the proprietor has gained a great reputation, and executes a large amount of work of the most artistic character.

    Various other branches are undertaken, and in every instance the work is done by skilled and experienced hands that have been specially selected for the required purpose. A large business is done in repairing, and a sound trade is done throughout the locality generally, the connection extending to all classes. The business has been very ably conducted in every detail, and owes much of its success to the ability and energy displayed in the management on the part of the proprietor, who has placed his establishment in a very prominent position in the trade.

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