The Wellington Pottery

The Wellington Pottery, 50, Wesleyan Street, Gallowgate (Adam C. Williamson).ó

    The Wellington Pottery is an old landmark in the history of commercial Glasgow. It was established in 1797, on the present site, by the deceased Mr. Adam Cubie, who was succeeded by Mr. Adam C. Williamson, its present proprietor. The ground covered by the works extends to fully 4,000 square yards ; the works have been greatly extended since the commencement of the business.

    The comparative immunity from opposition and general commercial friction (as experienced nowadays), at the time of its inauguration, and subsequently till Mr. Williamsonís assumption of it, gave it time and opportunity to found and popularise its name, which cannot now be easily taken from it ; nor is it likely to be taken from it under the able supervision and direction which it receives at the hands of Mr. Williamson.

    The Wellington Pottery is the only pottery in Scotland which devotes special attention to the production of flower-pots, and in these articles the firm does a large trade over the three kingdoms. The other manufactures, as varied as they are beautiful, have a very extensive sale in all parts of the country. There are about fifty workers employed at the Wellington Pottery, which, in Glasgow and the country generally, is as popular as it is old.

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