Wharrie Brothers

Wharrie Brothers, Muslin and Lace Manufacturers, 15, Renfield Street.

    The staple branch of industry comprised in the muslin and lace trade is ably exemplified in the old-established house of Messrs. Wharrie Brothers, which was founded by them in 1864. The depot is very extensive, consisting of three spacious salerooms, counting-house, and private office on one floor, while on the floor above there are a spacious and well-equipped greyroom for holding the grey cloth received from the various mills, and a manufacturing room where the yam is dealt with from its grey state till it is produced in the finest Crete, Madras, lace, and canvas curtains, in which goods this firm is widely famed for their artistic productions. The great specialities for which the house has attained celebrity throughout the manufacturing world, consists of all kinds of muslin and lace goods of the best and finest quality extant. The most studied attention is devoted to the careful storage of the goods, and a full average force of hands are employed in the different executive departments of the business, all goods being placed on the market in a highly saleable condition and finished in a superior style.

    A branch establishment consisting of a very extensive warehouse of three floors is situated at 8, Milk Street, London, E.C. This branch of the business is under the supervision of the resident partner, Mr. Thomas Wharrie, a gentleman of wide experience in the United States of America, Brazil, and South America, he having spent fifteen years abroad. We believe this is the only muslin and lace house who, by a resident partner on the spot, so thoroughly cultivate the London and shipping trades. The trade extends to all quarters of the globe, the home custom being well established among the leading houses in the United Kingdom, and a shipping traffic carried on with the principal foreign commercial centres. Mr. John Wharrie is the resident partner in Glasgow, a gentleman well known as a practical manufacturer in this line of industry, and highly respected by the numerous patrons of the firm for his courtesy and prompt attention to business.

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