David White & Co.

David White & Co., Plantation Boat-building Yard, Eaglesham Street, off Govan Road.—

    The Plantation Boat-building Yard is well-known in South Western Glasgow, and has long enjoyed a reputation for the excellent workmanship turned out in small craft, lifeboats, &c., in steel and wood, and steam-launches, yacht and coast boats, and for general ship repairs. They were established in 1840 on the site they still occupy, by Messrs. David White & Co. Mr. White’s son, who succeeded to the business in 1868, is now sole owner, but the firm still retains its original designation.

    The ground occupied is extensive, and is laid out in the form of a yard, over which there are several sheds where the small boats are built. The firm have at present four lifeboats building. Behind the sheds there is another division of a yard, which measures about 70 feet by 80 feet, where there are several small boats built and ready, and a large stock of fine cut wood.

    The Messrs. White & Co. employ from twenty to forty workmen, engaged extensively in docking and repairing ships, scraping and painting masts, spars, oars, ship-boards, dunnage, &c., in addition to boat-building, blockmaking, and general ship carpentry work.

    Besides Mr. White, in conjunction with Mr. McDougall, has patented an invention to enable double the usual number of ships’ boats to be housed in the same space as at present, with the usual davits and securing gear. The invention allows of two boats to be housed within the other, ready for hoisting out and in by simply duplicating the lifting block and tackle gear. The principal advantages of the arrangement are economy of space, of cost, of human life, and its simplicity. Mr. White, who owns the business, is well equipped in experience and ability, and is most popular in marine circles. He is sustaining the genuine reputation of the firm to excellent purpose.

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