William Whitelaw

William Whitelaw, Biscuit and Pastry Baker, 48, Bridge Street and 76, Gordon Street.

    It is considerably over fifty years since the extensive business now carried on by Mr. William Whitelaw was established. The present premises comprise a refreshment bar and kitchen on the ground floor, with large bakehouse and stores at the back ; on the floor above are three spacious and well-furnished rooms for the restaurant business. Mr. W. Whitelaw has greatly developed and extended the business, having opened two other establishments, at 76, Gordon Street and Gorbals Cross, both of which are elegantly fitted up. A very extensive and high-class business is done at all these places. They are the especial rendezvous of ladies requiring light refreshments in the middle of the day.

    Mr. Whitelaw has a very high reputation for wedding and christening cakes, and supplies these on order far and wide throughout Scotland. Upwards of fifteen people are employed, and a marked and impressive feature is the polite yet unobtrusive attention of all the attendants. The business in every department is conducted with marked ability, energy, and enterprise. Mr. Whitelaw possesses the advantage of long and thorough experience, and by his well-known integrity and genial courtesy has secured the confidence and esteem of a very widespread and high-class connection.

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