William Whyte

William Whyte, Woollen and Manchester Trimming Warehouseman, 70, Union Street.ó

    A very important and thriving business is carried on under the proprietorship of Mr. William Whyte, who is widely known as a woollen and Manchester trimming warehouseman. The business was originally founded in St. Enoch Square by Messrs. Whyte Brothers in 1867, and was for many years carried on under that title. The present premises were first occupied in 1873, and the business is now conducted solely by Mr. William Whyte.

    The operations are carried on in commodious and spacious warehouses that are heavily stocked with a variety of first-class goods incidental to the firmís trade. The most prominent feature of the business consists in supplying the leading tailors with the various requisites connected with their branch of industry. In this department a very extensive business has been developed, and the firm have become widely known. The trade is not only extensive in the immediate neighbourhood of Glasgow, but extends to all parts of the country, a large number of travellers representing the firm in various parts. The business has been very ably and energetically conducted under the management of the proprietor, and ranks among the most prominent and important houses in the trade.

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