John Williamson

John Williamson, Tea Merchant, 50, Candleriggs Street.

    This is one of the oldest establishments in Glasgow, and is highly popular among a very large and influential connection in all parts of Glasgow. The business was originally founded as far back as 1821 by Mr. John Williamson, who was the father of the present proprietor, the latter succeeding to the business in 1872.

    The premises occupied consist of a very spacious shop that is admirably fitted in every detail, and contains a very extensive and varied stock of all goods that are incidental to the trade of a grocer and tea merchant. The articles thus included are arranged with due regard for effect, and the premises have a very elegant and attractive appearance.

    Tea forms a very leading feature of the business, the firm having achieved great success in the art of tea blending. It is well known that since the development of tea culture in India blending or mixing Indian and China teas has become very popular. Different firms blend on different ideas and with totally dissimilar results. To be successful in blending teas is to possess what amounts almost to an art. Mr. Williamson has become widely noted for his celebrated blends, and does a large business in tea. The stock of goods in this department includes a large supply of the finest growths of tea both from China and India.

    Mr. Williamson supplies the most superior qualities of goods in all branches of his business. His trade is that of a large family connection, and is mostly among the most influential classes. All goods are therefore of a very high standard, and the proprietor confines his dealing strictly to this class of goods. The business is very ably conducted, and owes much of its success to the energy and ability displayed in the management by the proprietor, who has largely increased and developed the trade. The establishment is widely known, and ranks among the most prominent and successful of its class.

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