Edward Willies

Edward Willies, Manufacturer of Marble Paper-Hangings, Corunna Street.

    One of the most important houses in its line in the Glasgow district is that of Mr. Edward Willies, of Corunna Street, well-known as a manufacturer of all kinds of marble paper-hangings. This successful business was founded at Partick in 1874, by the father of its present sole proprietor, Mr. Edward Willies, and its progress and development since that date have been rapid and continuous under the influence of a sound and capable administration.

    The premises occupied are extensive, commodious, and thoroughly well adapted to the purposes of their designation. They comprise two spacious flats, well equipped with every requisite appliance for the industry engaged in, and devoted to the production of marble paper-hangings after the most approved methods of both hand and block work. The various processes illustrated are ingenious, unique, and highly interesting, and their results are always of a character well-sustaining the eminent reputation this house has achieved. In marble paper-hangings Mr. Willies has upwards of four hundred different designs, and his productions are invariably of a very high order of merit, both in durability, fine finish, and generally attractive appearance. An important speciality, which has been most successfully developed, consists in the making of marble dados on stained paper. This is effected by a particularly ingenious yet simple process, and Mr. Willies has a large and steadily increasing sale for the goods thus produced. The trade of the house is one of very considerable magnitude and importance, and is continually growing in both these respects.

    A large amount of work is done for wall-paper manufacturers and stainers in all parts of the United Kingdom, and an extensive export trade is carried on, the principal markets being those of the United States and Canada. The whole business is ably and energetically conducted by Mr. Willies in person, and his thorough practical knowledge of the trade, coupled with honourable and straightforward commercial methods, have secured for his house the confidence and liberal support of a widespread and desirable connection.

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