Wilson & Co.

Wilson & Co., Flint Glass Manufacturers, 24, Buchanan Street.—

    The “new era” of improved artistic taste in matters of furniture, and of all adjuncts to the equipment of a modem house of residence or business, is well illustrated in one of its most creditably developed phases by the representative firm of flint glass manufacturers named at the head of this sketch. Founded just about the dawn of the epoch in question, Messrs. Wilson & Co., of 24, Buchanan Street, Glasgow, commenced their commercial and industrial operations in the year 1860, and for the past four years have occupied their present eligible and commodious establishment at the above address.

    The premises here comprise a fine suite of spacious showrooms on the first floor of a well-situated building; and these rooms are devoted to the display of an exceedingly large and comprehensive stock that is replete in every part with the peculiarly delicate and almost ethereal attractiveness that constitutes the special charm of a collection of high-class glassware. Everything in the way of table and ornamental glassware is shown here in rich profusion of novel design and artistic hue, and an especial beauty is imparted to the entire stock by the presence of an extensive and varied assortment of Bohemian and Belgian fancy glassware, carefully selected from the best productions of the noted sources of supply in those representative glass-working countries, from which Messrs. Wilson & Co. are large direct importers.

    Within the limits of this brief review it would be idle to attempt any description of the individual beauties of a stock of this kind. Glassware, in its best form and quality, always appeals in a quiet and passive yet eminently potent manner to every artistic sensibility. There is hardly any material in which the genius' and skill of the true artist and clever craftsman can be so fully exemplified in form, pattern, and colouring as in this strange fragile substance, which has become so familiar in various shapes to the modem world that most people have unconsciously developed a perfect indifference to its innate peculiarities and remarkable capabilities. All these characteristics of glass in general are so prominently apparent in Messrs. Wilson’s showrooms as to silence anything like matter-of-fact comment, and we can only dismiss the stock here with the remark that, collectively considered, and in point of variety, excellent quality, and genuine beauty, it will bear comparison favourably with any similar collection of goods in Glasgow.

    The firm under notice have extensive works in Paisley Road, South Side, and the speciality of the manufacture there engaged in consists in the production of gas moons and flint glass globes for gasaliers and oil lamps of every description. These are produced, together with crystal table-glassware, and other goods of an allied nature, in very great variety; and Messrs. Wilson’s well got up books of designs contain illustrations of a large number of exquisitely beautiful and artistic patterns in this class of ware in every form, style, and colour. The trade of the house is principally of a wholesale and export character, and may be safely said to extend in some measure to every quarter of the globe in which gas as an illuminant is used.

    The commercial development of this business has been rapid and continuous from the first — a gratifying condition of things that is due, first to thorough excellence of manufacture and quality in all the goods made and supplied, and, secondly, to the energetic and capable policy of management developed and pursued by the principals of the firm, Messrs. Wilson, who have administered the affairs of the house in a manner that has secured the full confidence and liberal support of an influential and world-wide connection.

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