Wilson, Guthrie, & Co.

Wilson, Guthrie, & Co., Wholesale Stationers, 84 and 36, North Frederick Street.—

    This firm was established originally at West Nile Street, and thence removed to Morrison’s Court, Argyle Street. But as the business made very rapid progress, the present commodious establishment was taken in 1883. This comprises a splendid block of buildings, five stories in height, and adjoining the Inland Revenue office, and in close proximity to the new Municipal Buildings. Throughout every part of the establishment the greatest care has been exercised in respect to fittings, and all departments are provided with the most improved patent and modem machinery.

    Messrs. Wilson, Guthrie, & Co. carry on all the branches of trade that are incidental to wholesale stationers, but they are probably most widely known as manufacturers of account books. In this department alone they employ one hundred hands, and have gained a considerable reputation for their superior work. They are also very large importers of straw boards from the Continent, with which they supply box-makers, bookbinders, &c. For this department they have large stores at 8, Greenhill Street,  Anderston, where large stocks of the various sizes of boards are always kept, and where many hands are employed preparing the boards for the various trades. The premises in North Frederick Street were built specially for the firm and the necessities connected with the proper storage of an immense stock. Altogether about one hundred and fifty hands are employed, and the firm command an immense trade in supplying the leading houses with all descriptions of medium and high-class goods. The firm employ a good many travellers to represent them, and they are well known all over Scotland and Ireland, the North and Midland counties of England. They have also a large and increasing export connection with India and the colonies.

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