J. S. Wilson

J. S. Wilson, School Bookseller and Stationer, 101, Cowcaddens.

    Conspicuous among the leading manufacturing industries appears the publication of school books and the production of stationery, which is aptly represented by the old and worthy house conducted by Mr. J. S. Wilson, which was established by his brother in 1860, The shop is large and of highly attractive appearance.

    The stock, which is very large, comprises a well selected array of school books, reading and spelling books, grammars, English and other histories, arithmetics, classical works, and other publications bearing on the all-important theme of education or the subjects thereof. Stationery, too, for private and commercial use is here found in almost endless variety. In sundries the stock is equally good and select pens, ink, paper, &c., being shown in great variety.

    The window is very capacious and filled to repletion with specimens of the leading goods in stock, which, from their variety and tasteful arrangement seldom fail to attract considerable public admiration. The patronage accorded the house is chiefly of a local class and well established. The proprietor is a practical tradesman and a gentleman in whom his customers place the highest confidence and award the deepest respect.

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