James Wilson

James Wilson, Accountant, 26, Renfield Street. —

    Mr. Wilson is one of the best-known accountants the Glasgow district, and has been established in the neighbourhood over twelve years. During the last two years he has occupied his present premises, which comprise a well-appointed office with extensive board room. Mr. Wilson is a General Accountant, Auditor, and House Agent, and in each branch has gained a well-merited renown. He holds many special appointments.

    He is Secretary of the Pollokshields Baths Company, Limited, whose admirable premises in Pollokshields East are specially appointed as a private club and bathing establishment, with Turkish baths, swimming pond, gymnasium, &c. ; he is auditor for the Burgh of Pollokshields East, as well as for many influential firms in the city and the West of Scotland.

    A special feature of his work, however, is connected with examining ships’ accounts, and advising on matters relating to owning and management of ships. Being widely known among owners of shipping property, he has been appointed Secretary of the Scottish Shipping Investors’ Protection Association, the directorate of which contains influential and well-known names. The objects of the association may be summarised as follows : to reform abuses in management and promote economy in the working of shipping, and also to give general and legal advice and assistance to its members.

    Mr. Wilson has also, for about eleven years, been Secretary to a very important association known as “The Glasgow Landlords' Association”, which was instituted in 1862, and the objects are to resist all attempts at unequal or unjust taxation of house property ; to endeavour to remove any burdens with which it may be at the present time oppressed ; to give advice and counsel in cases of difficulty, &c. In all these varied appointments Mr. Wilson has gained a very great reputation for his energy and systematic method of carrying out the business incidental to his position.

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