John Wilson

John Wilson, Cork Life Buoy and Belt Manufacturer, 27, Portman Street (off Paisley Road).

    This is one of those works indispensable to our western harbour. It was established by its present proprietor, John Wilson, at the above premises in 1866, and has been carried on by him with marked success since.

    Mr. Wilson is a thorough craftsman, his output being very promiscuous ; the principal of which are life buoys, belts, jackets, and numerous cork specialities for seafaring life. He supplies the Board of Trade with marine requisites ; makes gun carriages of all sizes and kinds, and keeps a large stock of sawn and unsawn timber and cork-wood always on hand. Band and circular saws, of which he has a good supply in his sawmills, are the principal kinds of machinery used by him in these manufactures, of which Mr. Wilson has won for himself an enduring reputation.

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