Wright, Dick & Co.

Wright, Dick & Co., Importers of Coffee, Fruit, Spices, &c., 77 and 79 East Howard Street:—

    This important business, in the extent and magnitude of its operations, is a notable instance of the results of that commendable spirit of enterprise and energy which so strongly animates the business men of this city. Established in 1864 by Messrs. Wright, Napier & Co., the firm afterwards became known as Messrs. Wright, Leckie & Co., and subsequently as Messrs. Weight, Dick & Co.

    Owing to the rapid development of the business, the present extensive and commodious premises were acquired in 1881. These afford enhanced facilities for this extensive and rapidly increasing business. On the ground floor of the warehouse are the sale and sample rooms, a special department for tinned goods, and a spacious suite of well-appointed offices and counting-house. At the back are two cart entrances and two steam cranes for hoisting the goods to the upper storeys, five in number. On the top floor is the coffee-roasting department. The firm have also large bonded stores in Oswald Street. The stock of goods is very large and comprehensive, being replete with all the best lines in coffee, fruit, spices, and canned and sundry goods. The firm are also the wholesale agents for Liebig & Co.’s extract of meat, Huntley & Palmer’s Reading biscuits, White’s new process wheaten meal and flour. All the spices and chemicals are ground, and the coffee is roasted and ground, on the premises by steam machinery of the most improved construction.

    Messrs. Wright, Dick & Co., employ over fifty warehousemen, clerks, and assistants, and also send out several energetic travellers, and have a first-class wholesale connection extending all over Scotland, Ireland and the north of England. Both the partners, Mr. Hugh Wright and Mr. John Scott Dick take an active part in the business and occupy an influential position in mercantile circles.

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