James Wright

James Wright, City Calendering and Finishing Works, 114, John Street.—

    This old and notable business was founded upwards of half a century ago in Ingram Street, whence it was subsequently transferred to Buchanan Street, and again, about twenty-one years since, to its present headquarters. The original style of the house was Wright, Boyle, & Macdonald. This was afterwards changed to Wright & Macdonald, and about thirty-one years ago, the title assumed its present form under the sole proprietorship of Mr. James Wright, who is still at the head of the firm’s affairs.

    The premises occupied in John Street are very extensive, and constitute the largest place in Glasgow devoted to calendering, finishing, and allied work of that nature. They comprise a fine block of buildings, covering an area of 1,453 square yards. Twenty steam engines (mostly of double cylinder construction) are in constant operation ; and the mechanical equipment of the place embraces the newest and best machinery yet devised for executing such important work as the following : starching, stentering, patent elastic and French stiff-finishing in jaconets, batistes, ginghams, &c., shirtings, &c., &c. ; stiffening and steam-can drying and finishing in cambrics, brilliantes, winceys, mixed fabrics, &c. ; calendering, silk-finishing, and embossing in cottons, linens, and fancy fabrics, printed or dyed ; cropping, patent steam hot-pressing, and Bradford finishing in plain and fancy dress and piece-goods, shawls, handkerchiefs, scarfs, &c. ; and rolling, folding, making-up, and packing all such goods for the home and export markets.

    In these several important departments an immense business is done, the operations of which are widespread all over the United Kingdom ; and a very large feature of the firm’s industry consists in finishing Manchester printed fabrics, though the bulk of the trade lies with goods of Scottish manufacture. A great feature of this establishment is its splendid light — a point of obvious importance. A large “well” opens up the central part of the building from top to bottom, and this being roofed with glass, an excellent light is afforded to the several flats which encircle the opening like galleries. A work force of one hundred and ten hands is regularly employed here, and the whole establishment is pervaded by an air of constant industrial activity which suggests forcibly the magnitude and importance of the operations with which it is identified. The house maintains a most extensive and valuable connection, and in the capable hands of its experienced principal the high reputation it has so long enjoyed for first-class work and straightforward dealing is sure of all due and adequate preservation and enhancement.

    Mr. Wright has been for thirty years past a justice of the peace for Dumbarton, and was formerly provost of the thriving-town of Kirkintilloch, in that county.

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