John Wright

John Wright, Bishopís Court Lithographic and Printing Works, 61, Bishop Street, Anderston.ó

    One of the most prominent Glasgow houses in the printing and stationery trade is that of Mr. John Wright, which was originally founded by him in Oswald Street in 1866. Subsequently the business was removed to the present premises, consisting of four flats, which are utilised as departments for letterpress and lithographic printing, the manufacture and storage of stationery, and paper-bag making. The total staff employed in these various departments exceeds fifty hands, all of whom have had considerable experience in the trade.

    The great speciality, for which the house is held in high repute, is grocersí and drapersí bags and papers, an immense quantity of which are made on the premises. The stock of stationery includes every requisite in this line for private and commercial use. Five travellers are employed, who confine their journeys and efforts to Scotland. Quality has ever been a leading trade feature with the house, and this does not apply particularly to any one department, but generally all the work bearing the prestige of the house is executed in the best possible style. Goods are delivered by the firmís own vans in town and country, within a certain radius, free of charge.

    The business is well organised and conducted with tact and energy. The proprietor is a practical tradesman and a gentleman of the highest status in this line of business.

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