Hugh Wylie & Co.

Hugh Wylie & Co., Asbestos Manufacturers, 176, Buchanan Street.

    Prominent amongst the many large industrial establishments which contribute so materially to the commercial prosperity of this city is the well known house of Hugh Wylie & Co., 176, Buchanan Street, asbestos manufacturers. The premises in Buchanan Street are admirably adapted to the requirements of the trade, and comprise within their limits a large showroom, warehouse, and workrooms.

    The uses and application of asbestos have enormously increased of late years, and steam users are daily finding some further advantage to be gained by making use of it in its many and various forms as now manufactured. As an article of commerce it has risen into a very important industry. Messrs Hugh Wylie & Co. rank amongst the largest and most influential firms engaged therein. A large staff of workmen are actively engaged in the various departments, under the superintendence of a competent manager.

    In addition to their asbestos business the firm are also engaged in the india-rubber trade, and hold a large and thoroughly representative stock of asbestos and india-rubber goods, which is replete with items of interest and all the latest productions in this class of goods. The firm have a first-class business connection, extending to all parts of the United Kingdom, and through the shipping houses export large quantities of goods to all parts of the world.

    Mr. Hugh Wylie, who is the sole proprietor, possesses the advantage of long and thorough experience, and exercises in the management of his extensive business that great care, sound judgment, and well-directed enterprise which have always been so eminently characteristic of his mercantile transactions.

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