Young & Morrison

Young & Morrison, Manufactures of Glass Paper and Emery Cloth, 9, Shuttle Street.ó

    Within the past eight years Messrs. Young & Morrison have made very noticeable progress. They were established in 1880 in the present premises, comprising two large flats of a building at 9, Shuttle Street, where they employ several workmen, clerks, and travellers. Their trade has rapidly increased and now extends all over Scotland, the north of Ireland, and the north of England. The firm have given great impetus to this branch of trade, and they are the principal manufacturers in Glasgow of glass paper and emery cloth. They are the wholesale agents for Cannonís size, Cannonís glue powder, Cannonís chamois leathers, and importers of glue and shellac. They keep a full supply of cabinetmakersí polishing materials. The enterprise and ability evinced by Messrs. Young and Morrison fully merit the warm recognition they have received.

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