Alexander Young

Alexander Young, Family Grocer and Provision merchant, 138, Mains Street.—

    In connection with the provision industries a well-known firm deserving of prominent mention is that of Alexander Young, family grocer and provision merchant. Established by W. Anderson thirty-two years ago, in West Campbell Street, this business was acquired by Mr. Young, the sole proprietor, twelve years ago.

    The premises consist of a handsome double corner shop. Care and judgment are displayed in the selection and arrangement of the fine stock of high-class groceries and provisions. The favouritism enjoyed by this well-known house is in a large measure due to Mr. Young’s principle of dealing in only the best quality of goods, his facilities for buying for cash in the foremost markets, and his selling at the lowest prices. Ten hands are engaged.

    Mr. Young is a genial courteous gentleman, well known in the locality and highly respected.

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