Young, Falconer & Co.

Young, Falconer & Co., Yarn Agents and Commission Merchants, 153, Queen Street.

    The yarn industries are notably represented by this firm. This important business was established under the title of Millar & Young, twenty years ago, and dissolved in 1887. On the 1st January, 1888, it began its career under its present style, the partners being Mr. John Young and Mr. George Falconer. The premises at the Queen Street address consist of offices and sample-rooms, and at North Albion Street they have large stores containing a valuable stock of woollen mixture yams, and Belgian woollen yarns.

    Messrs. Young, Falconer, & Co., who include amongst their agencies that of the famous yam spinners and carpet manufacturers, Alexander Hadden & Son, Aberdeen, have a connection with manufacturers which extends all over Scotland. They have connections in Manilla for hemp, also in Russia for hemp for rope-spinners on the Clyde and east coast ; with Wilmington, Charleston, and Savannah, for cargoes of naval stores ; with New York, for linseed cake and sisal hemp ; and with Galveston for cotton cake.

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