J. & W. Young

J. & W. Young, Ship Plumbers and Brassfounders, Galbraith Street, Stobcross.—

    In connection with our shipbuilding and engineering on the Clyde, the plumber and brassfounder plays an important role. A thoroughly representative house in these lines is that of Messrs. J. & W. Young, who have branches at Whiteinch and Port Glasgow. This business was established as far back as 1820, in Anderston Walk, by William Young, the father of the proprietors (John and William), who died in 1845, when the present title was adopted.

    The works in Galbraith Street cover an area of 2,250 square yards, the buildings forming a complete square open yard. The front building, which is one of three flats, has on the ground floor office, private room, general stores, and plumbers’ shop. The second flat of this building is known as the finishing shop, and, with the foreman’s offices and furnishing storeroom, occupies 130 by 30 feet of floorage. The third flat is the pattern shop. One side of the square forms the metal store, stables, and cart sheds. On the opposite side are two foundries, one for light and the other for heavy castings. They have also an air-furnace capable of treating ten tons of brass at one time. One of the cranes used is capable of lifting twenty tons. The fourth side of the square forms the dressing shop, smiths’ shop, and a shed for storing sand, &c. These works are so thoroughly complete in every detail that the most difficult and extensive demands are met without any apparent extra effort. One hundred and fifty men are employed.

    The special trade in which Messrs. J. & W. Young have won renown is in connection with lead and brasswork for ships. That practical experience, skill, and energy by which the business was established is still maintaining and extending their influential connection.

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