James Young

James Young, Hard and Soft Soap Manufacturer, 23, South Shamrock Street, Hutchesontown.—

    One of the most important industries in the country is that of soap-making. In connection with this trade it is a pleasure to make prominent mention of the thoroughly representative house of James Young, hard and soft soap manufacturer. Mr. Young established his business here nineteen years ago.

    The premises consist of an extensive flat on the ground floor, covering an area of 1,000 square yards, and is divided into offices, warehouse, factory, and engine room. The factory is supplied with the most approved machinery and appliances for producing hard and soft soaps, which are the only products of these works. Mr. Young, who is a large employer, is represented all over the United Kingdom, where his connection extends. At present this business is in a more flourishing condition than at any former period of its career, this being due to Mr. Young’s long practical experience as a soap-maker, his energy, and undeviating rectitude in all his transactions with his many supporters.

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