William Young & Sons

William Young & Sons, Wholesale Ironmongers, 118 to 122, Bothwell Street.—

    The important business now carried on under the style of William Young & Sons was founded over twenty years ago by Messrs. Young & Kinloch, and the title has only been changed about a year since. The firm are wholesale ironmongers, and their trade extends all over the west and south of Scotland, and as far north as Dundee. Their business is exclusively wholesale, and they employ several travellers. The premises in Bothwell Street are of considerable extent, being really two large shops made into one.

    The leading items stocked in the builders’ and cabinet-makers’, the slaters' and the shoe furnishing departments are : builders’ and cabinet-makers' axes, bolts and nuts, and screws ; brushes, tools of all sorts, buckets, coffin furnishings, door springs, chains, &c. ; English and foreign glass ; glaziers’ diamonds ; grates, fenders, and fire-irons ; hammers and hatchets ; locks and keys, &c.; sash chains, fastenings, cords, and weights ; wire gauze, netting, &c., &c.

    In the slaters’ department—paint, &c., brushes, buckets, cement, roofing felt, and sheathing ; galvanized corrugated sheets, hoop iron ; lead in sheets and cuttings ; nails of all descriptions ; putty, paints, and oil ; pipes and connections ; riddles and sieves ; shovels, cutting and punching machines, slate-holing machines, zinc, &c., &c.

    In the shoe furnishing department—awls, bills, buttons, elastic webs ; hairs, knives, laces, leather dressing ; lasts, nails, rasps, rivets, &c. ; shoe pegs, rosin, and pitch, shoe nippers, iron and steel heels and toes, &c., &c.

    Concerning Messrs. Young’s stock the Mercantile Age observes: “There is a distinct branch of ironmongery which has seldom come under the notice of our pen—viz., what we would term furniture and manufacturers’ ironmongery. When we say manufacturers' ironmongery, we mean those hundred-and-one brass and iron articles used by builders, cabinet-makers, slaters, blacksmiths, shoemakers, and general tools for the iron-workers. Few houses in the North have so successfully pursued this branch of industry as Messrs. Young & Sons. We obtained permission from Mr. Young to make what our American cousins would call a run through this wholesale ironmongery warehouse, for it was our intention to describe in minutiae their most interesting stock. We, however, abandoned that idea, for we had not proceeded far when we discovered that it would require a million-eyed Argus to take it in at a glance ; for the stock embraces every kind of brass and iron furnishings suitable for doors, windows, sideboards, cabinets, tables, &c., in fact, every kind of cast or wrought metallic ware used by the builder and cabinet-maker, from the common iron hinge of the coal-house door to the artistic mediaeval burnished brass handle for a lady’s toilet table”. The whole of the articles supplied by William Young & Sons are of the most excellent quality, and the prices are moderate throughout. The commercial reputation of the firm is second to none in the trade, and the business is worked upon thoroughly honourable and straightforward lines.

    Mr. William Young is a gentleman occupying a superior social position, being a justice of the peace for Dumbartonshire, and he enjoys the respect of all who have the privilege of his acquaintance.

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