EX-BAILIE JAMES ALEXANDER is a native of Leadhills, Lanarkshire, where he still enjoys spending a good deal of his leisure. He is sole partner in the firm of Messrs. J. Buchanan & Co.; but among many other enterprises, as a director of the Leadhills Mining Company, he has been the means of re-animating the staple industry and support of his native village. Also, farther, in the interest of the district, both as a mining region and as a health resort, he was the means of inducing the Caledonian Railway Company to construct the light railway from Elvanfoot to Leadhills, which has been of immense benefit to the locality. He entered Glasgow Town Council in 1888 as one of the representatives of Sandyford Ward, was a magistrate for four years, and is now a police judge. There, while taking his full share of general work, he was the means of securing St. Andrew's Halls for the Corporation, as well as the extension of the Bazaar and Fruit Market. As convener of the Corporation Telephones he rendered excellent service to the telephone users, the City of Glasgow Telephone Service having been acknowledged the cheapest and best service of any city in the kingdom. He was Master of Works in 1908. He is a Patron of Hutcheson's Hospital, and a Justice of the Peace and Deputy-Lieutenant for the County of the City of Glasgow.

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