THE Professor of Civil Engineering and Mechanics in Glasgow University served his apprenticeship as a practical engineer with Messrs. Craig, of Paisley, and studied the theoretical part of his profession in the University of Glasgow. Here he distinguished himself in his classes, and graduated B.Sc. in engineering. After acting for a time as private assistant to the late Mr. Charles Randolph, he was in 1876 appointed assistant to the late Professor James Thomson, Lord Kelvin's elder brother. Thence in 1884 he was elected Professor of Engineering in the Yorkshire College, Leeds; and the engineering laboratory which he established there has proved a most valuable adjunct to the chair. In 1889 he was appointed to succeed Professor Thomson in the Engineering Chair at Glasgow. Here he rapidly revived the utility of the class, and by raising a sum of 25,000, half from the Bellahouston Fund and half through a committee of engineers, he succeeded also in establishing a laboratory of engineering which is now in useful service. Professor Barr was vice-convener of the committee which was charged with organising the Engineering and Electricity Department of the Glasgow Exhibition of 1901.

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