THE Chairman of the Governors of Glasgow Technical College, who was born in November, 1850, is a chemist by profession. He has been connected for many years with the Cassel Cyanide Company, and is scientific director of chemical works abroad. Among various industrial processes of which he is inventor, he has made special study of methods of fuel economy and smoke prevention, and in connection with these reported to the Royal Commission on Coal Supplies in 1903. He has devoted much time to chemical and microscopical research, and has published papers on various scientific and technical subjects. In 1899 he was President of the Society of Chemical Industry, and in 1905 held the same office in the Chemical Section of the British Association at the meeting in South Africa. He was also Vice-President of the Institute of Chemistry from 1903 to 1906.

    In 1908, on the death of Sir W. R. Copland, he was unanimously elected Chairman of the Technical College, of which he had been a Governor for several years ; and shortly afterwards Glasgow University recognised his service to science by conferring on him the degree of LL.D.

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