GRANDSON of the original manager of the Clydesdale Bank, and son of the late Henry Brock of Auchenheglish, on Loch Lomondside, and of Elizabeth Slade Price, daughter of Commander Price, R.N., the Colonel of the 1st Dumbartonshire Rifle Volunteers was born in Glasgow in 1864 and was educated at Loretto School and Corpus Christi College, Oxford. He succeeded his father as a member of the firm of John Orr Ewing & Co., turkey red manufacturers in the Vale of Leven, and on the amalgamation of that business with the other firms of the same kind in the region, he became a Director of the United Turkey-Red Company, Limited. He is also a Director of the Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society, and of the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, of which he has been President since January, 1906.
    Colonel Brock is an enthusiastic volunteer and rifle shot, was chairman of the Scottish Rifle Association, 1901 to 1906, and is a member of council of the National Rifle Association. He was Captain of the Scottish Twenty from 1898 till 1903, and shot in the Scottish Eight for the Elcho Shield in 1900, 1901, 1902, and 1906. He has long been one of the most active promoters of the efficiency of the Dumbartonshire Rifle Volunteers, and in 1903 he succeeded to the command of the regiment. In the same year he acted as Volunteer A.D.C. to Lord Roberts in the English Army Manoeuvres.
    He has also taken an energetic part in the politics of the county. He has been Chairman of the Vale of Leven Conservative Association and of the Committees of the Dumbartonshire Constitutional Association, and in 1899 he was Convener of the Western Divisional Council of the National Union of Conservative Associations for Scotland. In 1904, on Mr. Wylie's intimation of retiral, he was unanimously chosen as the prospective candidate in the Unionist interest, and at the General Election in 1906, though the tide had turned against the Unionist party, he made a gallant fight for the constituency.
    In 1894 Colonel Brock married Edith Christina, daughter of Sir James King, Bart., of Campsie and Carstairs, by whom he has a family of two sons and two daughters.

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