THE General Manager of the Caledonian Railway Company was born at Uppingham in 1870. Deciding upon the railway world for a career, at the age of sixteen he entered the service of the London and North-Western Railway Company, and was employed first in the office of the Superintendent of the Line at Euston. In 1892 he became outdoor assistant to the Superintendent, and two years later was appointed representative of the Superintendent at Crewe, one of the most important centres of the Company's enterprise. In 1895 he became chief outdoor assistant, and in 1901 was made assistant to the general manager, Sir Frederick Harrison. In the following year Mr. Irvine Kempt retired from the office of General Superintendent of the Caledonian Railway, and Mr. Calthrop was invited to come north as his successor. This position he filled with entire acceptance to the company and the public till October, 1908, when, upon the death of Mr. Robert Millar, he was appointed to his present responsible position of General Manager.

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