THE General Manager of the Glasgow and South-Western Railway was born at the village of Waterside, in Ayrshire, in 1855, and at the age of twelve he entered the Company's service as parcels clerk at Waterside. Station. Two years later he became booking clerk at Maybole, and there turned his leisure to account by improving his education. This improvement he continued after his transference to the Superintendent's office at Glasgow in 1872 by attending classes at the Athenaeum, and thirteen years later, when the assistant to the general manager was appointed to a post on an Irish railway, Mr. Cooper was chosen to succeed him. Next, in 1889, he succeeded Mr. Mathieson as superintendent of the line, when that official became Commissioner of Railways in Queensland; and five years afterwards, on the death of Mr. Brunton, he became General Manager of the Company. Mr. Cooper married in 1885.

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