THE conductor of the Scottish Orchestra, whose performances form the staple feature of the musical season in Glasgow, is a son of English parents, but was born at Kingston, Jamaica. 29th January, 1852. His musical education was carried out in London under Sir Julius Benedict and Sir John Goss, and at the Conservatories of Leipzig and Berlin. From 1871 to 1877 he was accompanist at Her Majesty's Opera. In 1880 he was conductor of the Covent Garden Promenade Concerts. From 1888 to 1892 he conducted the Philharmonic Concerts, and was re-elected their conductor in 1900. He was conductor of the concerts at Melbourne Centennial Exhibition in 1888-9; and he succeeded the late Sir Charles Hallé as conductor of the Manchester, Liverpool Philharmonic, Bradford, and other concerts, in 1896; while his appointment to the Scottish Orchestra dates from 1900. He is also conductor of the Handel Festival at the Crystal Palace, and the Cardiff Festival. In November of the same year Cambridge University conferred upon him the honorary degree of MUS. DOC.
    Dr. Cowen has published over 300 pianoforte pieces, songs, duets, etc., and among his many more notable works have been the "Scandinavian Symphony" in 1880, the "Sleeping Beauty" cantata in 1885, the oratorio of "Ruth" in 1887, the opera "Harold" in 1895, and the Coronation Ode of 1902. In his summer leisure he is an enthusiastic oarsman, cyclist, and mountain-climber.

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