EX-BAILIE CRAWFORD was born at Milngavie, 2nd January, 1845, came to Glasgow at the age of twelve, and began business as a partner in the firm of Burns, Crawford & Co. at the age of twenty-one. From the first the business was successful, and soon became one of the leading houses of its kind in the kingdom. Dr. Crawford married at the age of twenty-two, and he has seven children alive. He has resided at Lenzie for a considerable number of years. His first appearances before the public were as a speaker on political and literary subjects, but he definitely entered public life in 1880, when he became a member of Cathcart School Board. Three years later he entered Glasgow Town Council, after a short but somewhat sensational contest, in which Bailie Morrison, one of the strongest men in the Council, was his opponent. He threw himself at once into the work of health and sanitation, was for eleven years Chairman of the Health Committee, and promoted many drastic and far-reaching reforms. He was a strenuous advocate of parks and open spaces, of music for the people, and of all movements towards the improvement of public amenities. He was always a prominent advocate of the purification of the Clyde, and for years was Chairman of the Corporation Sewage Committee. He was also Deputy-Chairman of the historic Glasgow Commission on the Housing of the Poor. As Chairman of the Committee on art Galleries and Museums he bought Whistler's Carlyle for the Corporation, and he took a strong part in the movement which resulted in the building of the new Corporation Art Galleries at Kelvingrove. He had also a chief share in the founding of the Corporation Tramway Service, which has proved so conspicuous a success; and he was one of the most active promoters of the Glasgow International Exhibitions of 1888 and 1901. In connection with both of these undertakings, in addition to many other offices, he held the important position of Joint-Chairman of the Fine arts and Scottish History Sections.
    On retiring from the Town Council in 1896, he was presented by his fellow members with an illuminated address, a magnificent service of silver plate, and a diamond brooch and pendant for his wife. In 1901 his portrait, painted by Mr. George Henry, A.R.A., was presented by the citizens to Glasgow Corporation, and a replica to Mrs. Crawford. For his services to public health throughout the kingdom the Worshipful Company of Plumbers have made him a freeman of London and an honorary member of the court of the Company, in which he also has held the important post of warden. He is a J.P. for the County of Lanark, and J.P. and D.L. for the County of the City of Glasgow, and he is also LL.D. of Glasgow University.
    In addition to his private business, Dr. Crawford is Chairman of the proprietors of Glasgow Evening News and of several other important public companies.

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