BORN at Catrine, in Ayrshire, in 1848, and a graduate of Glasgow University, the Professor of Practice of Medicine took the degree of M.B. with honours in 1872, and that of M.D. in 1880. During the first twelve months after graduation he acted as resident assistant to the late Sir William Gairdner at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, and during the three following years he was resident physician under Dr. J. B. Russell at Glasgow Fever Hospital. During the session 1873-74, he was Assistant-Demonstrator of Anatomy under the late Professor Allen Thomson; for eight years he was Sir William Gairdner's assistant in the work of the Chair of Practice of Medicine, and for four years was Sir William's clinical assistant in the Western Infirmary. He was elected Physician to the Royal Infirmary in 1887, and for the five following years conducted classes on clinical medicine there, till 1892, when he was appointed Physician to the Western Infirmary. Meanwhile, in 1880, he had been appointed to the Chair of Practice of Medicine in Anderson's College Medical School, and on the transference of the late Professor M'Call Anderson from the Chair of Clinical Medicine to the Chair of Practice of Medicine in Glasgow University, he received the vacated post. Sir Thomas M'Call Anderson died in January, 1908, and Professor Gemmell received his present appointment in the June following. Since 1894 he has been Physician to the Glasgow Royal Hospital for Sick Children. His pastimes are poetry and archaeology.

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