EX-PRECEPTOR GRAY completed in 1907 a service of twenty-eight years in Glasgow's Town Council. Elected in 1879 for what was then the Tenth Ward, but is now known as the Cowcaddens Ward, he has for that lengthened period served what is practically the same constituency, and he has never experienced a contest, except in 1896. In that year there was a General Municipal Election on account of the re-arrangement of wards consequent on the extension of the city to include all the suburban burghs except Govan, Partick, and Kinning Park. Mr. Gray held for some years the important position of Convener of the Watching and Lighting Committee; he was thereafter for the usual period of three years Treasurer of the City, and has still later been Preceptor of Hutchesons' Hospital, a much-coveted position, also for the usual term of three years. He is now Chairman of the Parliamentary Bills Committee of the Corporation. While he was Treasurer of the City he naturally took a very active part in the financing of the various Corporation Loans. He especially encouraged the system of Temporary Loans, which has been so successful, and has enabled the Corporation to borrow, from all classes of the public, money at very moderate interest. He also successfully floated the first Glasgow 2œ per cent. Corporation Stock, and assisted in opening a Corporation account with the Bank of England - an action which naturally assisted in securing more moderate terms from the Scottish banks. While he has taken a share in all departments of Corporation work, he has been very specially interested in the Improvement Trust Department as Convener of its Finance. He at the same time lays claim to have specially attended to the ward he serves by initiating and carrying through the arrangements for the acquisition of the Phoenix Recreation Ground - the finest example of a large open space for a congested district that any city can show. He also assisted in securing for the district the Ruchill Park, by taking a prominent part in the purchase of the Ruchill Estate. This park has one of the finest all-round views of any of the city parks. Mr. Gray was one of the Magistrates of the City from 1884 to 1888. In the last year he was Senior Magistrate, and as it was the year of the first Exhibition at Kelvingrove, when there were two Royal Visits, one at the opening by the present King and Queen, and one later in the year by the late Queen Victoria, he had a great deal of work additional to that of the usual Magisterial duties.
    Mr. Gray has been for many years one of the Representatives of the Corporation on the Clyde Trust, and Convener of its Finance; and on his retiral from the Council in 1907, after such long service, the Town Council did him the honour of returning him again as one of their representatives to the Trust. It is the first time that this has occurred, and the honour indeed has only been made possible by recent legislation. He has on several occasions represented the Council at the General Assembly, and was a Member of the Housing Commission which recently concluded its labours. He is one of the Deputy Lieutenants of the City, and a Justice of the Peace for the County of Lanark, as well as for the city. He is a native of the parish of Campsie.

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