THE General Manager of the Clydesdale Bank began his professional career at the branch office of the bank in Cupar in 1860. He was born in the parish of Balmerino, Fifeshire, and his father was one of the best known and most enterprising farmers in the north of Fife. Three years later he was promoted to the post of accountant at Penicuik, and in the following year was transferred to Portobello. He next spent some time in the head office at Glasgow, and afterwards held a position in the office at Dundee, before he settled at Leith in 1868. There, amid the enterprise and speculation of a stirring sea-port, he acquired the widest knowledge of mercantile banking in all its varied forms and ramifications, and held the appointment of agent for several years. There, also, as a member of the Scottish Bankers' Literary Association, he came into close social contact with many of the men who have since held the highest positions in the profession.
    From the post of agent at Leith Mr. Henderson passed to the Edinburgh office, where he became joint-manager with Mr. Greenhill. He had still, however, a further valuable experience to gain, and in 1890 accepted a transfer to the position of assistant manager of the Bank's London office. There he remained till 1899, when a new manager was required for the North of Scotland Bank at Aberdeen. He accepted the duties, and it seemed as if he had severed his lifelong connection with the Clydesdale. But if there is any business community keener than that of the metropolis itself, it is perhaps Aberdeen, and the transference thither was perhaps not the least valuable of Mr. Henderson's experiences. At any rate, on the retirement in 1905 of Mr. David Wilson from the General Managership of the Clydesdale Bank in Glasgow, the directors took the opportunity of regaining Mr. Henderson's services, ability, and varied experience, and appointed him to the highest and most responsible position in their gift.
    Along with the many qualifications of which his appointment may be taken as proof, Mr. Henderson enjoys the gifts of ready speech and of sound physique, the latter a result in part, perhaps, of his favourite pastime, riding on horseback.
    Mr. Henderson is married to a daughter of the late Mr. William Thomson, who was a director of the Commercial Bank.

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