BORN in Abbotsford Place, Glasgow, on 28th September, 1847, Mr. Hoggan received his early education in Glasgow at Fenner's School, Carlton Place and at the Collegiate School, Garnethill. For three years he attended a boarding school kept by the Rev. T. R. Wyer, Episcopalian minister at Peebles, and from 1859 to 1862 he was at Edinburgh Academy, under Mr. Trotter and Dr. Clyde. Finally he attended Glasgow University from 1862 till 1870. He began his law apprenticeship with John Clark, writer, Glasgow, partner of the firm of Hill, Davidson, Hill & Clark, in 1863, and on the death of Mr. Clark two years later, his indenture was transferred to Messrs. J. & J. Boyd, writers, Glasgow, with whom he completed an apprenticeship. He thereafter served a year of clerkship with Messrs. Hill, Davidson & Hoggan, and was admitted a member of the Faculty of Procurators on 28th February, 1870. On 1st January, 1871, he became a partner of the firm of Hill, Davidson & Hoggan, and has been a partner thereof and of the successive firm of Hill & Hoggan ever since.
The firm of Hill & Hoggan dates under different names from the year 1740, when it was originated by Mr. James Hill, senior, of Cartside, who was joined by his son, James Hill, junior, of Gartloch, who was Dean of Faculty for many years. The firm has had many important trusts under its charge. Mr. James Hill, of Cartside, was elected by the patrons of Hutchesons' Hospital factor of their Gorbals Lands in 1789, on the resignation of office by the Town Clerks, who had up to that time acted as clerks of the Hospital. The patrons elected him and his son, James Hill, junior, jointly to be clerks and factors of the Institution - offices which have since been continuously held by the firm. On the decease of James Hill, junior, the patrons on 12th August, 1819, elected Dr. Laurence Hill, father of Mr. Hoggan's present partner, Dr. William H. Hill, to the office, and till his death he held this appointment, in conjunction, for some time, with his son James Hopkirk Hill, and subsequently with other members of the firm.
On the death of James Hopkirk Hill, in 1845, Mr. Hoggan's father, the late Mr. Andrew Hoggan, took the more immediate charge of the Hospital's affairs, which he continued to manage till shortly before his death in 1895. During the latter portion of his father's lifetime, and since his death, Mr. Hoggan has conducted the affairs of Hutchesons' Hospital, the revenues from which during the last 30 years have increased from £12,800 to £21,300, the stock account from £275,000 to £470,000, and the pensioners on the roll from 800 to 1,500. Mr. Hoggan and his partners and predecessors in the firm have also acted as factors for the University of Glasgow since the year 1819. In addition to these appointments Mr. Hoggan acts as Treasurer and Law Agent to Hutchesons' Educational Trust, and the Glasgow City and General Educational Endowments Boards.

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