COLONEL ROBERT HOWIE, V.D., is a son of the late Hugh Howie, iron merchant, Glasgow. He was educated at the Glasgow High School, and previous to going into business attended Glasgow University. All his commercial life has been spent with the old-established and well-known firm of P. & R. Fleming & Co., iron merchants, 29 Argyle Street, of which he is now senior partner.
    Colonel Howie has always taken a deep interest in the Volunteers. He joined the 1st Lanark as a private in 1877, and four years later he transferred to the 3rd Lanark, receiving his commission as Lieutenant on 1st July, 1881. In this Battalion he served for the long period of 24 years, and was in command of the regiment from January, 1901, till January, 1905, when his term of service as Commanding Officer having expired, he retired from the Volunteers.
    Colonel Howie has also taken a considerable interest in the affairs of the Trades' House. He joined the Incorporation of Hammermen in 1886. In 1902 he was elected a member of the Master Court, and three years later was appointed Collector. During his Collectorship 94 new members were enrolled, and the funds of the Incorporation were increased by £1,364. In September last he was elected Deacon of the Incorporation of Hammermen - the senior Incorporation in connection with the Trades' House of Glasgow.
    He is also a member of the Merchants' House, a Director and past President of the Glasgow Ayrshire Society, and has served two terms as a Director of the Glasgow Agricultural Society.

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