THE minister of Trinity Congregational Church is a native of Aberdeen, born 14th July, 1849, and he received his education at Aberdeen, Nottingham, and Springfield, now Mansefield, College, Oxford. He was ordained in York in 1871, and was successively minister of Salen Congregational Church in that city, and of the Wycliffe Church, Hull, before first coming to Trinity Church, Glasgow, on 1st January, 1887. After a remarkable success in this charge he accepted a call to London, and was there for three years, but was persuaded to return to Trinity Church in 1904. In recognition of his distinguished ability, Glasgow University conferred on him the degree of D.D. For the special use of his own congregation Dr. Hunter compiled a collection entitled "Hymns of Faith and Life." He is also author of a church service book, which has had a large circulation. He is married, and has two sons. His favourite recreation is mountain-climbing in Switzerland, and he has travelled extensively in Italy, Greece, Egypt and the Holy Land.

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