THE Rector of Glasgow High School was born in the city in 1842, and at the age of seven his father having been a burgess of the city he entered Hutchesons' School in Crown Street. At the end of his course there he was medal boy, and as a reward, by the custom of the Hutchesons' Governors at that time, he was sent to the High School for four years. There he received a classical and general education which enabled him to enter Glasgow University in 1859. At the same time he received a bursary which further smoothed his way, and on his passage through the arts course he did some teaching in the Mathematical department of the High School, assisting his old master, Dr. James Bryce. For a time he studied Divinity, but soon returned to the intention of teaching. In 1866 he was appointed by the Town Council to a post in the Classical department of the High School, and by successive promotions became in 1901 Head Classical Master, and in 1904 Rector of the School.
    Throughout his career Dr. Hutchison devoted much time to the study of history and theology, and has taken special interest in the development and working of the higher schools and universities in all countries. In 1885 he published a translation, with many notes and appendices, of a work on the German Universities by Professor Conrad, of Halle. He has also done a good deal of magazine and journalistic work on educational and historical subjects, such as "The Persistence of the Greek Language in Asia Minor," and "Reform of the Russian Universities." He served a term as Examiner in Classics to Glasgow University which, on the publication of his translation of Professor Conrad's ponderous work on "German Universities," conferred upon him the degree of LL.D. He was long Convener of the Business Committee of the University Council, and in April, 1904, was elected Assessor of the Council in the University Court.
    He was also for many years a Director of Glasgow Athenaeum; he is a Governor of the Victoria Infirmary, a Member of the University Library Committee, and one of the founders of the High School Club. He is and enthusiastic curler, and is interested in football and golf through the exploits of his stalwart sons.

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